Mewing Stillborn Hadeharia of the Hollowed Dead

Rogue Deathnight, guardian and warden of The Shadowed Isle.


A gorgeous woman of dark beauty – sorrow and sadness grips her. Tears of blood course down her face even when the rare smile graces her garnet lips.


Hadeharia served the Bodhisattva for a year before fleeing his service – during the time he was becoming the “Silver Prince”. It was a perfect distraction and her escape was made.

She begged for strength in child birth – begged for the stength to save her baby. Lacking the strength to push the struggling thing from her. The Bohisattva gave her the strength she needed – and the Neverborn gave her their blessing. A blessing that robbed the life from her babe. Hadeharia served for months without a word – an asp at their chest drinking in every whisper. She knew when the Bohisattva was planning his rebirth months ahead and used that time to plan her escape. Fleeing from island to island for months – the, now, Silver Prince’s lackeys on her heels. Something called to her – somewhere beyond the waves was the promise of hope. Exhausted and wounded, Hadeharia crawled onto her final resting place, the Isle of Shadow. The pulse of an old wound pounded at the heart of the island and urged her onward, or so she thought at the time. Know she knows that her mate, ‘The Mark’ had dreamed of her, had foreseen her coming…had prepared. The battle was a short one, all silver lightning and demon flame. In the end they made a home here – grooming its people and building its defenses. ‘The Mark’ sometimes whispers about how he will never again be the wounded by O’yash. Hadeharia is his love, a love lost too many times before, a love that will never be given up again.

  • Hadeharia is a Terrestrial Circle Sorceress and Social Aspect Abyssal. She’s old enough to have delved deeply into the Nightingale Style(TDO, for ease of use).

Mewing Stillborn Hadeharia of the Hollowed Dead

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