Oldric Amethyst

Patriarch of the Amethyst Line that settled in Sijan and father of Björn Almthrist


From the old and wealthy Amethyst family of Rokan-Jin – many in the family live there still with many mines and mineral rights to their name. Many years back, it was Oldric that moved the Amethyst family from their ancestral hills to the flat moors of Sijan. After a poor year, it was decided that simple miners were too much at the whim of the world and too tied to the land, land that can be besieged and taken. Oldric went to other gem merchants and formed a caravan to travel South and trade their gems with Sijan. Who knows how long a war might last and if Tokan-Jin’s coffers could dwindle to such a state that the merchant class becomes cannibalized by the crown. This first trip proved so successful that Oldric sold his mines and concerns to brothers and cousins with the stipulation that an Amethyst would always treat an Amethyst justly and fairly. With the mining concern and merchant arms of the House in alignment – the family prospered. The Sijan Amethysts bought into the Guild a decade later – cementing their stability and gaining access to all that such an institution makes available.


Even a soft life can breed iron in Rokan-Jin, we are people of the Earth. it’s a proud life, if simple, dredging up the wealth of the deeps. As a child I was happy, as a boy I was proud and as a man I was content. Only when i grew old and a life of peace ended… then things changed. Men, be they bandit or king, we all covet gems. We miners have our gaze turned down upon and blind to the affairs above. i saw families crippled when a warlord of the western steppes turned his horde upon our nation. I wound not see the Amethyst brought to ruin with our eyes cast down – ground to dust and forgotten. I have seen families brought to ruin when the taxes of the crown fell upon them – blight or war, the miners pay. I would not see the Amethyst enslaved and beholden to any man – no matter the number of our gems upon his brow.

I choose to abandon the Earth…
The Amethyst Clan was large and many still work the mines. My branch will not, we leave the Dark Roads to walk in the sun. Free and chained to no man – gem and ore no longer simple treasure and tithe, but our sword and shield. Thus we became merchants and uprooted to settle in Sijan.

This is my story:
Oldric Amethyst

Oldric Amethyst

And Yu-Shan Wept Nehebkau