Twice Marked by O'yash

Twice Marked by O'yash or simply "The Marked" - Magus of the Shadowed Isle


Tall, nearing 8 feet tall, ‘The Marked’ is an Adonis-like figure with the pointed ears common to some westerners with Fay descent. He typically wears a somber face as if in morning but aside from the sorrow in his eyes is the sternness of a man who will see the world bend to his will.


Purpose/Biography: Too long have I run before the wolves of the Realm. I’ve watched sons, daughters, and lovers – all have died. A Chosen of Luna, we survive, we watch as everyone around us is consumed by the hatred of this world. We live on, the clothes torn from our backs, our homes burned, and our people slain. The cruelty of Invidia knows no bounds – it craved them and found them and pushed on, ever on. Her twin, O’yash, visits those who suffer from her predations. The Dragons are her greatest vassals – commanding an army of 10,000 Dragons. Their numbers wane, they prey upon each other, and O’yash weeps. I’ve wept beside him so many times, when my sons were slain, when Sango died…she’s died twice now. I will not grace Invidia with anything more – I will not sit with O’yash again and spill my sorrow upon the earth. I have found Sango again after all these years. She has suffered so much and I will never again let her die, let Luna weep, for the Third mark of O’yash will come after my death!

Protected by Leviathan – the Realm believes the waters around the island cursed and a shadowland of unusual behavior, one that can rise up and swallow ships in the dark of night with a ravenous hunger. The Silver Prince is largely content to allow the place to exist – growing in power – he can co opt it when his fleet is completed and perhaps even get the mated pair to serve him in some capacity.

The Mark is a sorrowful man who has seen so much death – it all has ceased to mean anything. Having fled a hundred times from the Dragons, tried a thousand ways and forms to hide, the Isle of Shadow has proved the most successful. The Dragons do not come here anymore – Leviathan enjoys a powerful ally land side and a lunar of some age to call upon…one with far more knowledge of the dead and the Shadowlands than any beneath the waves. He uses ‘The Mark’ to keep tabs on the goings on of these Power-brokers of the Damned. His fight with the Realm keeps him busy, but he is too old and wise to let an enemy as powerful as the Silver Prince and the Deathlords go unwatched.

Twice Marked by O'yash

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