Björn Almthrist

Patriarch of the Almthrist Family .


Björn picks up were Oldric left off. His mother having only enough life left to teach Björn of Sijan’s political forces before following her late husband into Lethe. Just enough life for old wounds to heal and be rent open anew. The death of his parents changed Björn and he changed the family to fit his new views of the world, changing their name to Almthrist. Where other houses could speak to their dead for wisdom – Oldric had invested everything into the future of the House. This is not the way things work in Sijan and for long years the Almthrist have endured ridicule and political slights, despite great wealth garnered from those same tormentors. Björn would see this change and found a wife who could aid him in this quest. Nova’Ver of the Lycaenidae House, old and wrapped up in the occult of this place, his plan more than any wealth was the sweet to snare her. Strong sons and daughters – an investment for their future shells. Stepping along the stones of time, they would be together, never growing tired as they endlessly renewed upon their progeny. Their weak ghosts unable to break a word for fear of their fetters and the backlash of ancient law.


I grew up hearing of the “Dark Roads,” but all that meant to me was catacombs and crypts. My father spoke of sacrifice – paying the price for security. My father, I loved him very much, he was very wise in the ways of the world, but most of all he is gone. He sacrificed who we were and his very soul for the family – but we would be so much stronger if he had saved himself. He had no time or energy left to secure his afterlife. I’ve read his journals till the bindings cracked and crumbed but his voice fades. I state at his likeness in preserved in oil paintings as he slowly becomes a stranger. I’m an old man now myself, but the pain of loss does not abate. When I am gone, my father will truly be lost.

As wise as he was – Sijan was strange to him. He was a True Son of the Earth. Maybe it was right that he return to it. This House, we are no longer children of the Earth. Our ‘Dark Roads’ do not sparkle with treasures – they glow with knowledge and wisdom. We are merchants of the Grey and I will sacrifice what I must to preserve and strengthen this House – just as my father gave up everything. Our name, our identity and my very blood – we are the Almthrist and we will walk the dark roads till the sky falls and ever after.

This is my story: Björn Almthrist

Björn Almthrist

And Yu-Shan Wept Nehebkau