'_Bloody Heart_' an Analog of the Realm

Bloody Heart


Light splays out over the Nine Flames, filtering through volcanic ash and dust so all is cast in the ruddy glow of a dying blaze. Glimmering within the mountain like a heart is a shimmering wealth of blood slicked gold, moving, pulsing. As one crosses the room to look closer it can be seen that miles around this lair has been ravaged and burned – the eyes drawn to the only life or movement. The smell of iron, no, blood rises from that vile heart. Small shapes, perhaps the size of a dog, snarl and rip at one another – it is their blood that stains the nest. There is no majesty about the dragons here – only their animal lusts and human greed. Unsaid, but hanging like a funeral shroud over the entire scene, the mother is absent and the young will soon be drowned in each other’s blood even as they sit on all the wealth of Creation.

Social Attack Strength: 6
Painting Appearance: 4

'_Bloody Heart_' an Analog of the Realm

And Yu-Shan Wept Nehebkau