A Tool too Heavy


21th of Ascending Fire, RY 768

Glitter-flame Desert

With the caravan records firmly in our grasp it proved less difficult than one might imagine to navigate the Glitter-flame. It took a scant hour to catch up to the lines of lumbering beasts, broken for camp at the suns zenith, the sand flowing beneath like a white blur from the back of the Agatae. Fifu flew just overhead upon that damnable bird – but I will praise the proud shadow it cast. Unfortunately, when we arrived Bitter Wings failed to stick to the plan, grabbing the attention of the guards only after the Agatae had reached the camp to extract our erstwhile allies. All and all I am very disappointed with our performance and it may well have cost us our lives if not for the favorable intervention of a man most strange.

Upon demon mounts we arrived back in Gem in a single hour – I do not expect the land bound Princes to return to the city before night fall. Taking this opportunity, and irritated with Flashing Falcon’s continued tarrying, I was able to get some blessed respite from conscious troubles. My flickering dreams cast Fifu in a demon light before my eyes. Her dark judging eyes lit by flashing cascades of blinding white lights. The anathema who left this beast with me…I know not if I can handle something so dangerous. I already begin to regret saving her from under the mountain, but then, perhaps she would have destroyed the city if left to her own devices in that place. Perhaps one of these other ‘heroes’ would be willing to act as her ward – it is toxic to my art to worry over the safety of my slaves with such a being in my home.

Fifu has bestowed one boon upon me in our short time together – she has shown me how meager we of the Threshold are. The wonders possessed by that strange traveler and Fifu’s own arsenal – they rival a talon of Dragonbloods alone and could challenge the might of Gem single-handedly. A million souls, striving and serving, all could be snuffed out by a single childish brat. Though I am loath to turn my art towards such cold sterile pursuits – I owe the Guild for I am their creation. These hand they have given me – these hands will serve.

A Tool too Heavy

And Yu-Shan Wept Nehebkau