Fighting Fires

Days pass too swiftly, my daughter. Time once seemed to flow gently, leisurely, and I stepped through and around it in my haste. Now, I find myself swept along with little recourse. After writing my last letter to you, I met with my new companions to discuss our common foe, and how we might prevent the destruction of Gem. We agreed that we required more knowledge of our enemy, and should seek it at the source. The Dirge Singer led us to one of the dead lands, where he believed the next attack would originate from. He was not wrong. We were set upon immediately after landing, and in the confusion and chaos of the battle, the Dirge Singer was captured, while the rest of us fled.

Sepia, her mortal associate Jochim, and myself made our way back to Gem, hoping to regroup and plan a counterattack. However, we spotted a small army of the undead making their way towards the city, supported by a powerful servant of death. Even the fury of one of the great desert worms could not so much as slow their march. We redoubled our efforts to return and warn Gem of the attack, hoping in vain that our other companions would be waiting in the city.

We succeeded in the defense, but only just. Despite incompetent underlings, Sepia rallied the Guildsmen and the Despot, and Jochim fought the dead upon the walls and in the streets. The Dirge Singer managed one final betrayal of his master’s trust, but suffered greatly for it. And I, I was called upon to try to ease the panic and outrage of the citizenry, for it seems the attack was partly a distraction. The undead had slipped an agitator into the populace, and sought to incite rioting and violence, possibly to provide further distraction from other acts of sabotage. Thankfully, with the aid of a local healer, I was able to provide a distraction of my own, and the mob calmed.

However, the peace did not last, as we caught sight of the agitator, the Dark-Handed Raven, former mentor to the Dirge Singer. With Golden Hand, the aforementioned local healer and apparent Chosen of the Sun, Dirge and I pursued the Raven into the desert, and what we suspected was a trap. Sure enough, she struck at us, but even exhausted and battered, we outnumbered her and were forcing her back, when an unexpected interloper appeared. No-Life King, another servant of the Lion, arrived to break up the fight.

With careful prodding, we learned much of our foes, and indeed a potential ally. However, those secrets should not be committed to paper just yet. For now, my daughter, I go to seek a well-earned rest.

Fighting Fires

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