Scattered and Broken


23th of Ascending Fire, RY 768

Glitterflame Desert, Two Hundred Leagues North of Gem

We escaped, shattered, but I know some of us survived. Last I saw, Fifu was trying to save Dirge, the poor foolish girl. All that remains of our group now is Guldur and Jocheme – the others lost. Bitter Wings is a fearsome beast and I would not place a bet against them – perhaps they are safe. What I do know, a Shadowland hundreds of leagues from nowhere is guarded by arms that defy my understanding. How could such a threat remain hidden? Does the Silver Pact not see this blight in plain sight – could they not have curbed it when it was young and weak. Do the Heavens care not at all for the places of men?

I begin to truly, for the first time, fear for Gem…fear for us all. What place is there for trade when one party can so clearly take? What place is there for our mortal agency against such threats as these? Flashing Falcon would not even allow us an audience when such doom hangs above – Rankar VII is deaf to my words. Such complacent leadership will be our doom and it is too late in the day for a change.

Scattered and Broken

And Yu-Shan Wept Nehebkau