The Thousand and Two-hundred Leagues


22th of Ascending Fire, RY 768

Domus de Sepia, Gem

We spent some hours at the administrative holdings of the factor; Flashing Falcon, but it seems he has become most burdened with the news of late and makes his own way in safeguarding Gem. I wish him luck, if I were to make assumptions – I would suppose he is in deliberations with the Despot and getting the city unified against this common threat. No small feat when the last several years seem to have been directed towards undermining the Despots power and making a bid ourselves. One must adapt and adjust – for the only other path is that of dust.

Patience spent and rather frayed I took it upon myself, as a lady, to invite this forming resistance against the self proclaimed Deathlord into my home. We spoke of the routes of conquest and military assets of the Lion. I see no allies to be won to our banners among my compatriots other than the desert dweller, Guldur. If the many tribes of the Glitter-flame could be convinced that this is their fight as well, we could be that much closer to closing this supposed disparity of strength. Dirge Singer has shown no evidence as yet that the Lion is truly such a dangerous threat – his entry point to Creation over two hundred leagues from Gem. It would take even an army of the dead nearly two weeks to reach us, marching night and day. Two weeks to harry the flanks, make a fighting retreat among the dunes, and lay army decimating stretches of flame dust beneath unsuspecting feet. Still, Dirge Singer insists that the threat is dire and every expense should be made – only a fool would ignore a Deathknight upon matters of the Underworld.

Rather than seal the shadowlands and spend a wealth of time and resources upon closing it – perhaps a detente could be reached. It seems this is more the concern of the Lap anyways, and it would be a fairly simple matter to convince them of a threat with Dirge Singer’s assistance leading them back here. Furthermore, after we return from this shadowland I intend to plumb the archives and discover what We know about the current relationships that exist among the dead within the South. If the Lap will not readily render aid, perhaps another source of relief can be found. It is all really proving troublesome – this journey promises to take up several days time and I had wanted to beckon another infernal servitor for a special task. At least I was able to get my letter off to Flashing Falcon – perhaps as early as the next caravan to the Fay I will have my Cloud Dancer remains and unforged ‘Lunar argentums’. I expect to find my accounts set aback a fair deal but if the threat proves real…it will be doubly worth it.

The Thousand and Two-hundred Leagues

And Yu-Shan Wept Nehebkau